Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Challenge of Landscapes

Riders on Druidston Beach, Pembrokeshire, 16 x 9 inches. Oil on board. £350
Over the years I have tried and (mostly) failed to paint landscapes. Once I get the board on the easel, having drawn out the basic shapes, I take a brush to it, and immediately all my knowledge, confidence and common sense fly out of the window!  It's as if the painting gods have rendered me incapable of performing even the most basic brush stroke.
Still, I'm nothing if not persistent.  Over the years I have read about and studied many different landscape artists. By far and away my favourite at the moment is David Curtis. He's a  virtuoso plein air painter of the first order and whilst I have no pretensions to be anywhere near as proficient as him I do hope that almost by a process of osmosis I can develop my own schema for landscapes that is at least moderately successful.

So here's my latest one. Another painting in a day. I tried to stay loose, and in some places it worked (!) and I'm really pleased with the reflections and the wet quality of the sand. Probably the best landscape I've done so far, but I'm not feeling self satisfied or complacent as a result. I know I have lots to learn, and at least this painting has given me back a little confidence.

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