Thursday, 26 February 2015

The Noble Athlete

The Noble Athlete (10 x 10 inches) £150

So here's my second 'painting in a day' effort. Yes it's another arab racehorse, but they're beautiful animals and I make no excuse for wanting to keep painting them!  The name of this one is Noble Athlete and I think he wears it well.
Now, I've got to admit to cheating a little bit.  The painting I showed you yesterday, and this one, were completed a couple of weeks ago. Still in one day, just not today.  I did, however, want to show you them in sequence and rest assured I will be up-to-date by Saturday as I haven't done that many.
This was a nice one to do as I just love painting the shadow colours  - windsor violet, alizarin crimson an venitian red are all in there. You might also guess that I also love to paint light, or well-lit subjects, and you'd be right. Colour and light are what I hope my paintings are all about and at some point I will show you the big painting that started all this, that is still sitting in the corner of the studio waiting to be finished.

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