Saturday, 28 February 2015

How Many Shades of Grey?

Grey Arab I (10 x 10 inches) SOLD

This is the arab racehorse Zayane Maamora, a dappled grey mare who my Husband photographed at the Dubai International Arabian races in 2014. She's trained in Morocco so luckily it was very warm and sunny at Newbury! Grey is a tricky and intriguing colour to paint. Not one grey horse seems to be quite like another and I'm convinced there's a lot more than 50 shades. This mare was quite dark in places, light in others, shot through with bay hairs, not what you'd think of as a standard grey (black + white) at all. My palette for this was fairly muted - ivory black, titanium white, kings blue deep, ultramarine, windsor violet, alizarin crimson, viridian, vandyke brown and naples yellow being my main colours. I concentrated on her muzzle, eye and ears the most, letting the larger square brushes loose elsewhere. A nice piece to paint. I especially like her red and white headband, it really sets her off.

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